Why FDA recommends lower Ambien doses for women?

FDA recommends lower dosage of Ambien for women when they go to bed. The lower dosage is suggested so that women feel active during the day time.Ambien is used to treat insomnia.The immediate release of Ambien helps people fall asleep during the night. The main reason FDA is recommending people to buy Ambien in mild dosage is that Ambien reacts immediately and can make you feel drowsy in the daytime. So it is suggested to take small amount of Ambien to stay active during the day.

Ambien dosages for women

Women eliminate Ambien slowly as compared to men

FDA says that the main reason why women should lower their dosage of Ambien is that women release Ambien slower than men. So if they have been on high Ambien dosage they should lower it to some extent to prevent laziness in the morning. Ambien stays in the blood of women for longer time and can cause some problems after you are done with your sleep. FDA has taken this step to ensure the health of the general population of the US. This is a good initiative which is receiving praise from the health communities across the globe.

Ambien can affect stressful activities of the day

According to FDA, Ambien can make women lazy throughout the day. So the women who drive themselves to work should lower the Ambien intake during the night, so that they can safely drive themselves to work. If the work involves huge calculations then women should lower the intake of Ambien before going to bed. FDA recommends that women should lower their regular Ambien dosage to 50per cent so that they don’t have any concentration problems during the day time. So, if a woman was taking 10mg Ambien, she should now take 5mg tablets to stay alert during the day.

High Ambien levels in blood

FDA tested the sample of blood in both men and women after they took same dosage of Ambien to make them sleep during the night.The next morning the blood samples were taken.The blood of women still contained high Ambien content which made them feel sleepy throughout the day while the blood samples of male consisted of low levels of Ambien comparatively. Based on these results FDA has advised pharmacists to lower the recommended dosage of Ambien for women so that they don’t face such issues during the day.

Why FDA did not put this limitation before?

Ambien has been in the market for more than 20 years now. FDA did not put this limitation when Ambien became available to treat insomnia. They are putting these recommendations based on certain recent tests on a few patients and the clinical research is still incomplete. So certain limitations are just posed based on assumptions.

Ambien is an effective drug to cure sleeplessness. The recommendations made by FDA are still in early stage, as the tests are conducted for limited set of patients under limited conditions. So it is up to you to make an informed choice while choosing the quantity while buying Ambien for your sleep problems.