Top 10 Ambien withdrawal ideas

Ambien also known as Zolpidem is sedative drug generally taken by the people who are facing sleeping troubles (Insomnia). Withdrawal of drug is distinguished process; it cannot be immediately quit which could further worsen the health problems. It has to gradually withdrawn with reducing the doses within the time intervals. The withdrawal process varies between person to person according to their usage timeline and intensity of addiction. The following are the ten ideas to withdraw the abuse of Ambien or Zolpidem.

1) Reduce the dosage:

The first best thing to withdraw the Ambien or any drug is reducing the dosage, but not completely. People must reduce it to 50% of what they have been taking for so long. Immediately stopping the dose could lead to bad health issues. The procedure must be carefully practiced with a timeline target. In case of unusual Ambien withdrawal symptoms patient must consult his doctor immediately.

2) Consult Rehab Centers:

To withdraw from Ambien addiction or abuse, the most appropriate thing is to consult the rehabilitation centers who acquire the complete knowledge on the person and with lot of counseling sessions and therapies they will be able to rehabilitate the patient from the Ambien addiction.

3) Attending Counseling sessions:

The counseling sessions must be attended regularly without breaks. And the patient must make sure that he meet the psychiatrists personally and discuss all his withdrawal necessities. The patient must explain all the issues he is facing without any hesitation so that the psychiatrist would help him to find the best way to withdraw the Ambien usage successfully.

4) Develop New Habits:

Since Ambien is taken for sleep disorders, the patient should consult the physician for developing new habits like Stress reduction therapies, meditation, yoga, regular exercises etc.

5) Establish a fixed sleep schedule:

In general Insomnia occurs due to psychological immunity caused by excessive stress or anxiety. The patient must fix a strict sleeping schedule like 6-8 hours a day. This has to be practiced with good eating habits and reducing the stress quotient.Reviving a fixed sleep schedule will eventually reduce the need or necessity of the drugs like Ambien.

6) Create a distraction from Ambien:

The addiction provokes temptation all the time. The patient must earn lot of resistance power to overshadow the thoughts of Ambien. For that he can create before sleep rituals like listening to music, having a conversation with family etc.

7) Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy is a part of rehabilitation, which is collaborative process between the psychiatrist and the patient. This therapy can be opted if the patient is facing troubles in withdrawing Ambien drug without the help of therapist.

8) 12-step programs:

Twelve step programs are performed with spiritual agenda. This are generally are of no cost. Performed by vast group of people with the support of Spiritual Gurus. Though it is not affiliated with any religion, it consists of 12 steps which help to feel the higher power and find the trust and support of that.

9).Relaxation therapy

It is a part of stress management program, which is prescribed for the patient by providing him/her various activities to relax and calmness by reducing stress, anxiety and anger. The patients will be asked to perform Yoga, Pranayama and listening to music etc.

10). Learning the Withdrawal effects and perform accordingly:

There is multiple numbers of withdrawal symptoms for Ambien like Panic attacks. Fever, Psychosis, Seizures, Suicidal thoughts, unanticipated crying etc. Patients must be prepared for all such negative effects and perform the withdrawal process successfully.