Is Ambien a controlled substance?

The answer would be an Absolute and unconditional Yes. Ambien is categorized as a controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States. Even though it is classified as the Schedule IV drug due to its less abusive potential. Prescription of this medicine can be phoned, written or faxed. The prescriptions can also be filled for six times unlike the schedule II drugs.

  • According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),the main purpose of listing it as a controlled substance is that people should not or not supposed to use such drugs for recreational purposes (for getting high or as leisure purposes), Regardless with this, many consumers have abused the Ambien drug for getting the effect of euphoria and hallucinations.
  • It is not a non-abusive substance, it indeed has some potential for abuse, though not as much as Schedule I, II, or III drugs. So, it is classified as a controlled substance by the federal law. Like any other precise medicines even Ambien has some legal restrictions on prescribing or consuming it.
  • There are certain benefits the patients get on Ambien though it is a regulated medicine. Since it is categorized in Schedule IV, the prescriptions need be submitted in hard copies in the pharmacy stores. They can be faxed or phoned, or even refilled with the single prescription.
  • Generally, the prescriptions of any medicine will expire in six months to the date of given. Once the prescription gets expired the patient needs to get the new written prescription from the doctor to buy further quantities of Ambien.
  • It does not have as much abusive drug potential like Marijuana, Morphine or Hydrocodone. These drugs can give severe reactions and even cause death, if excessively abused it could also cause death, but such thing occurs very rarely.
  • The patients of Insomnia embrace Ambien and have put in top for its efficacy and quality. Generally, those patients do not want to withdraw from taking this pilll because it immensely satisfies them.
  • Although it is not as addictive as benzos, it still has an addiction power.”Though not in all cases, the addiction or thirst for Ambien can be formed within 12-14 days. Significant number of patients do not know that they have such an addiction issue until they stop consuming the drug. Once they have stopped taking Ambien they will realize they cannot sleep and function in absence of it. These are some signs which include:
  • Craving for medicines,
  • Keeping apart from friends and family,
  • buying drugs at street vendors when out of stock,
  • Refilling the prescriptions regularly.
  • Taking higher doses than prescribed.
  • The pill produces a powerful sedate effect that could slow down the memory. The medicine, when abused becomes the cause of diseases like Alzheimer’s. The excessive dependency could also even lead to Depression.