Ambien is used to deal with all the symptoms related to sleep problem that includes anxiousness, anxiety, and stress. The list of health issues that Ambien can be used to deal with are Insomnia Generic Panic attacks, GAD and depressed condition. It is used to bring in relaxation. It also rarely used like anti-anxiety aid for an anxious individuals.

In the market, Ambien is available in various forms of ingestion such as tablets, oral liquid and injections. The dosage when Ambien is used orally is about two to three times each day. At times, it’s taken before going to sleep. Usually, Ambien is not to be taken with the with food, but if you have issues with stomach, then it’s not a problem to have it with your meal. It’s always advised to visit a doctor before you start to take Ambien for the first time.

This is crucial as, there are various factors such as age, patient’s healthiness and the prescription used simultaneously with Ambien that has to be considered, upon which the Ambien dosage can alter. Also, it is recommended not to adjust Ambien dosage with no doctor consultation. With these simple tips, one can be saved from the severe and unpleasant side effect by taking Ambien.
The best suggested starting Ambien dosage is to have 10mg of the drug thrice a day. If the problem is anxiety due to insomnia, then 5 mg of Ambien is recommended to be taken when you go to bed. Being the elderly people much sensitive to the Ingredients of Ambien, the drug has to be started with 5mg twice a day. The usually maintained Ambien dosage is 5 – 10mg every day, with partition doses. A 10 mg per day is the Ambien maximum dose to be used.

You should take doctor’s advice if you are a patient taking Ambien and want Ambien to work effectively on your body, then you should take your doctor’s recommendations.
Be careful not to overdose with Ambien, to save you from the side effects. Just like any other potent and effective medication, instances of overdosing Ambien will result in weakness,problem in breathing function and coma. The chance of overdose is more when used with alcoholic beverages or drugs. And in very rare scenario, Ambien overdose can end up in death.