Belsomra vs Ambien: Which is the best?

Both Belsomra and Ambien are used by the patients who had bad sleeping troubles or chronic insomnia. The fundamental character differences between Belsomra and Ambien are as follows:

1). The FDA approval:

Ambien is the older one when compared withBelsomra, Both are FDA approved class IV based sedative drugs, Suvorexantand both are not controlled substances by the FDA, with less abusive potential.

2). Side effects:

Belsomrahas relatively non-critical side effects like Headache, Hangover, drowsiness, Vague Dreams, diarrhea, mouth drynessetc. Whereas Ambien has more severe side effects like Chances for Alzheimer’s disease, Memory loss, Depression etc.

3). Medicine Lasting time:

When compared to Ambien Belsomra drug has high last time.Effect of the Ambien medication will last only maximum 3-4 hoursbut at the same timeBelsomramedication will last up to 8 to 10 hours.

4). After effects like Hangover:

Ambien won’t provide any disturbing after effects because it lasts short time only, at the same timeBelsomrais lasts for maximum time; it is associated with next-day hangover or grogginess.

5). Safety and Efficiency:

It is said that Belsomra is very safe in comparison with the Ambien; As Ambien is associated with lot of dangerous side effects like Memory Loss etc. If efficiency or efficacy is taken into consideration, Ambien is the best one. Where out of three patients only one can get benefited by using the Belsomramedication, whereas Ambien is reported to satisfy and work for most of the patients. Doctors also prefer Belsomra to Ambien for long term option the reason is it has less severe side effects.

6). Dependence and Tolerance:

Comparing Belsomra and Ambien in this domain, the patients have to remember that Belsomra do not have any abusive potential nor any substance of such kind. The side effects associated with Belsomra are very minor compare to Ambien.

Ambien can be addictive if the patient abuses it. It less very high dependence and low tolerance levels compare to Belsomra. Ambien is also has high abusive potential as lot of cases have been registered. Prolonged dependence of Ambien can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

7). Withdrawal Effects:

It is already said that Belsomra has very less abusive potential. Even with excessive dependence, the Belsomra can be withdrawn easily without many exercises. Whereas the Ambien is not very easy to withdraw the Ambien rapidly, it has lot of negative effects like seizures.


As the both drugs have common purpose in treating sleeping troubles and have their own pros and cons. Belsomra can preferred for its minimal side effects on mind activities for long time scale, whereas Ambien can be preferred for its efficiency.