Ambien Zolpidem Overdose

Ambien is a prescription-only sedative drug and known by its generic name, Zolpidem. The active compound of the drug is intended to act on the sleep center of the brain in order to help the patient’s fall asleep or promote sleep.

Consult your physician before taking Ambien.

Since the drug properties: effect on the brain, adverse effects, and usage are very similar to benzodiazepines class medication though it is a non-benzodiazepine because of the dissimilar chemical compounds.

Individuals have reported that the regular use of Ambien causes dangerous activities such as sleepwalking and sleep driving which is potentially harmful because that may cause accidental deaths. As a result, the physician suggested the patients do not involve any activities especially operating vehicles after the intake of the drug.

Apart from the dangerous activities, the crucial consequence of Ambien use is the overdose, and it can occur when the person takes the drug improperly. Read furthermore and get to know about Ambien overdose symptoms and treatments.

Stick to the medical advisor prescribed level to avoid getting Ambien overdose. Seek medical assistance as an emergency if you have experienced any overdose symptoms.

Can you overdose on Ambien?

Ambien is a strong sedative so the chances of lethal ramifications are positive, but it completely relies on the quantity or amount of the medication. In general, healthcare professionals prescribe the drug for a short period due to the quick-acting working mechanism of the drug, and the drug stays in your system is relatively small. Even though you are taking a normal dosage, it can make you overdose hence it is essential to be cautious while consuming the drug.

Besides, the important reason for overdose is abuse. Abusing Ambien will impact your health, and lead you towards the risk especially if you are taking higher dosage strength or huge quantity of dosage without a valid prescription, it would cause the potential overdose.

How many Ambien to overdose

The standard dosage of Ambien starts from 5 and ended with 10 mg. When you have passed the threshold of the dosage strength, then your life is in danger no doubt about it. The maximum amount of prescribed Ambien strength is 400mg per day, but it is not recommended for all the individuals because 70 mg itself can create illness, headache, and nausea complications in your health. Hence take only standard dosage strength or else follow the doctor prescription strictly.

Ambien overdose symptoms and signs

Overdose can lead to cause for the severe health issues. Do follow the proper dosage prescribed level and away from the trap of health mishaps.

When you overdose this Ambien, you might have encounter certain unpleasant adverse signs and symptoms that include difficulty in breathing or breathing disorder, sleepiness or unable to sleep properly, and confusion. In addition, it would cause extreme drowsiness which is very dangerous because it is easy to misinterpret and cause sleep disorders- sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and depression.

Treatment for Ambien overdose

Firstly, individuals have to check their doctors on a regular basis in order to avoid dependence and abuse because these two are the important reason for overdose. Recovery center treatment can help you to get away from the overdose, and for an extreme case they operate and remove the Ambien from your stomach entirely. In general, the rehab center gives some counseling regarding the drug and awareness of the misuse of the medication.

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