Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms

Thinking to quit Ambien? It is important to know its withdrawal symptoms. It happens after using it for 2-3 weeks when you suddenly stop taking it. In general, Ambien is advisable for few weeks to treat sleeping disorder like insomnia. Despite it is a short-term medication it has potential to make an individual dependent on the medication within that short span.

From the first day of its intake, this drug has been regulating the sleeping cycle. The sound sleep is the result of brain’s response towards the medication. Withdrawal symptoms would happen when your body finds the absence of Ambien in the system. It is very hard for the system to get regular sleep without this drug. It responds to the Ambien absence by causing certain changes which are known as withdrawal symptoms. It may also happen if a person abuses Ambien. Taking this medication more than a couple of weeks is considered as abuse.

Don’t stop taking Ambien medication of your own. This is the initial step that might lead to withdrawal symptoms. Take a consultation with your doctor if experiencing any of the withdrawal symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Ambien Withdrawal?

The severe withdrawal symptom of Ambien is rebound insomnia. When your body finds hard to return to sleep after quitting Ambien is said to be rebound insomnia. Simply, it is the recurrence of the sleeping disorder. These symptoms vary with people. Two people might not same withdrawal effect. And more importantly, it would happen at different time scale.

  • Depression – It is very common to be depressed after stopping Ambien. This is the same effect that one could experience with quitting any benzodiazepine drugs.
  • Memory loss – The disturbed sleep without Ambien cause memory problem. If it is abused for a long time, a person can lose memory permanently.
  • Vomiting- It comes with nausea sensation and last only during the initial phase.
  • Discomfort– Some people experience the uncomfortable feeling when they come off from this sleep aid.
  • Nightmares – If a person struggles to sleep without this drug no wonder they suffer from dangerous nightmares. It happens by affecting the REM sleep cycle.
  • Feeling Tired – It happens due to a difficulty to sleep during night times.
  • Seizures – As this drug changes the GABA receptors of the brain, the abrupt discontinuation will cause mild seizures.

The withdrawal symptoms are more and listed are a few of them. Do not stop suddenly taking medication in the course of treatment. Proper medical advisor guidance is needed when you feel to stop taking the medication.

Ambien withdrawal timeline

The timeline varies with individuals based on how much Ambien he/she used to take per day. The daily controlled dose of Ambien is 10milligram. If a person takes more than the maximum daily dose may suffer severe withdrawal effects when compared with a person who takes a moderate dose.

The symptoms may occur after the four to five hours of last Ambien dosage. It starts off with a mild headache and depressed feeling. After quitting the severity of these symptoms will be high in first few days.

On average, the symptoms last only for 14 days. If it persists after two weeks, it will be very difficult to overcome this withdrawal effect.

After the final dose one might experiences a headache, behavior change, and depression within 2-3 days. You may also feel vomiting sensation during these days.

At the end of 7 days, it is very hard to sleep without this pill. Some people have reported that they did not have any adverse effect for first 3 days of quitting this drug. But on the 4th day, they could not regulate their sleep cycle.

During second week, one should be able to come out of these symptoms gradually.

For more than three weeks, if you have been taking a larger dose, you would crave for Ambien pill to get sleep at this timeline.

At the end of 2nd week, no longer you will experience the withdrawal symptoms if you were consuming Ambien properly. Otherwise, you can still face dependency issues if you have been abusing Ambien.

How to overcome the symptoms?

There are several medications available to overcome Ambien withdrawal symptoms. Speak with your doctor and get necessary advice to use drugs to combat this problem. You can also approaches for treatment to recover immediately. Certain over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen, acetaminophen are used to fight these symptoms. Though it could be getting over the counter, you need to discuss the drugs ability and working nature with your doctor and ensure whether it will suit you to drag you out of Ambien dependency effects.

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