Ambien user reviews

Buying Ambien for insomnia

My husband had a constant complaint that my sleeplessness was preventing him from having peaceful sleep. I couldn’t sleep easily and I thought it was nothing unusual. I started to stay up watching TV, reading books, and even tried certain foods that are supposed to help to sleep. But nothing worked well. When I finally fell asleep it was usually to wake up within a few hours feeling groggy and tired. The cycle was just constant. I’ve even burnt many dishes as I was just too drowsy during the day to think clearly about what I’m doing. It got to a point till my husband almost gave up on me and we decided to go for counseling. Our counselor then recommended a doctor to see for my insomnia. I was prescribed to buy Ambien 5 mg and was instructed to take Ambien on alternate nights. The days that I took the drug I literally slept like a baby. Even my husband could not wake me up easily. Now my body has adjusted and I’ve been able to sleep without pills. I’m happy as without Ambien I would probably be divorced now. I just had to share my experience. Thanks Ambien.

– Jean

Curing sleeplessness with Ambien

I’m in my final year of school. I play football and I’m a part of the team. I found that whenever we played I was too wired up to be able to sleep peacefully. The adrenaline rush did not come down easily and it affected my sleep so much. Sometimes I drank a couple of beers to get me the buzz of sleep and even then my sleep was mostly restless. I did not want to take any drugs that would affect my performance in football. I read about Ambien as potent sleeping pill online but did not know I should take it or not. My coach made me visit the physician to see that my sleeping problems were solved. To my surprise I was prescribed to buy Ambien as my sleeplessness was very severe. It truly works. I can also concentrate on my game better without worrying about my sleeping problems as I don’t have them anymore. Mad props to Ambien for helping me!

– Melvin

Ambien CR for sleep disturbances

I had this problem of not being able to sleep continuously throughout the night. I would wake up for no reason at all and then have a hard time going back to sleep. In the daytime I used to feel so groggy because of this. Coffee cups by the dozen did help but soon it was affecting my sleep all the more. So I decided to take Ambien CR which my doctor gave as a sample for a few days. I sleep so much better and continuously these days. I got the full script for Ambien and take it every few days just to regulate my sleep. There are a few days when I feel drowsy in the daytime but these minor side effects clear up fast.

– Miranda