Ambien 10mg vs 5mg

Ambien is a sleep aid that promotes sound sleep throughout the night. The common dosages available to buy Ambien are Ambien 5mg and Ambien 10mg. However, is there any difference between 5mg Ambien and 10mg Ambien? Do both of them work in the same way? Let’s find out!


Effect of Ambien 10mg vs 5mg

Both these dosages of Ambien are basically manufactured in the same manner but the 10mg contains higher quantity of the active ingredient zolpidem. Both of them have the same effect on the body but just to a different degree. Ambien basically works on binding to the GABA receptors specifically located in the brain. It has very minimal effect on GABA receptors located in the spine. So, by binding with the GABA receptors, Ambien is able to induce drowsiness and sleep in an individual. Both 10mg and 5mg in the same manner, making the person sleep fast. Both of these dosages also have the same onset action time.
The lower dosage 5mg is usually given as a starting dosage to reduce any risk or unsuitability to the body. It is also speculated that a lower dose can also lower the next day impairment that is caused due to Ambien. 5mg is also the dosage that is generally preferred for women, while men are prescribed to buy Ambien dose of 5mg to 10mg depending on their condition. Even for people who have trouble falling sleeping, but can sleep properly once they fall asleep, 5 mg Ambien is prescribed on a temporary basis.
People who are currently on other central nervous system stimulants like benzodiazepine would need a dose modification to a lower dose in order for the co-administration to be safe and less addictive. Such people are usually given 1.75mg of sublingual tablets not the normal oral pills. One can also consult their doctor for the dose modification.

Below video represents the effect of Ambien 5mg by its user.

Price difference between 5 mg and 10 mg Ambien

Ambien 5mg

The table below summaries the price difference between 5 mg and 10 mg Ambien for both Ambien brand and Ambien generic. The price given below is for a quantity of 30 tablets. The price also varies depending on the quantity of Ambien pills. There is no substantial price difference between Ambien 5 mg and Ambien 10 mg. So for people who are prescribed with 5 mg Ambien, it perhaps might be cheaper to buy a 10 mg tablet and split it into 2 equal pieces. But initially this should only be done under medical supervision after getting an approval from the doctor. The price variation between the brand and generic Ambien is unbelievably high. This is reason why many people opt for generic Ambien instead of brand Ambien.